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About Us

We are Just Balloon It - We are a family of entrepreneurs: from feisty 4-year-olds to ever-energetic 60-year-olds.

Family is at the core of our business. We understand the importance of celebrating your nearest and dearest.


With years of experience in the balloon industry, our focus is on providing a friendly, affordable service that delivers above and beyond. We aim to build trusting relationships with our customers, so we will go all those extra miles to make you happy.

Balloon Arch

Trust us, we know how stressful organising celebrations can be.
That's why we remove ALL balloon-related stress by providing an around-the-clock online and delivery service.



Here to ease all your party worries! So, give us a call.

We're ready to be the best balloon buddies you've ever had.


Where Is Your Store?

We are online only, which means we are available around the clock. Call us on 020 3302 5532, chat to us on our site, or ping us an email at

How Long Do The Baloons Last?

This depends on which balloons you order:
Latex balloons only last the day they are filled with helium, BUT we can add a special liquid called "Hi-Float" to extend the latex balloon's life by a couple of days.
Foil balloons last approximately 5-7 days.
Bubble balloons last approximately 2 weeks.

Is There A Minimum Spend For Delivery?

No order is too small; there is a minimum order of £40 plus delivery, but for orders over £150, we offer free delivery!

Where Do You Deliver?

Within London and Greater London - Call To Enquire!

How Do I Place An Order?
You have 3 options:
- place an order on our website
- give us a call and place your order with our friendly team assistants
- ping us an email for enquiries and assistance
Can I Change / Add To My Order?

Yes, of course, not a problem! We only ask for a reasonable amount of notice to make changes :)

Contact Us Via WhatsApp

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