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Firework Cakes

Firework Cakes
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Monster Mash

Large coloured bursts with coloured mines and 5 shot finale.25 shot barrage, 30 seconds..

Ice Warrior

What a cake ! this does everything. Blue, red and silver palms, strobes with time rain, purple & blu..

Ultimate Showdown

Large brocade tails to golden willow bursts with multi-coloured tips with inbuilt finale.16 shots - ..

Blazing Sky

An excellent 2 minute duration firework producing a whole range of effects - multi-colour bursts, bl..

Space Monkey

Large golden willow bursts with blue, colours palm bursts changing to time rain and silver strobes. ..

Festival Of Light

Super bright low noise cascading strobes and falling leaves. Must be seen to be believed.50 shots - ..

Sky Ambush

Superb display from this firework, Z firing effects to give a wide spread and lots of colour and noi..


Blue to red bursts, golden brocades, multi-coloured palms, red and silver blossom strobe, time rain ..

Best of British

Strobing dahlia bursts to magical blue to red colour change bursts, to  large palm and peony bu..


Multi-coloured strobe to "W" firing fans in golden willow & blue, to "Z" firing willow and brocade t..

Storm Force

Strobes, crackles and fanned effects.60 shots...

Tropical Storm

This is a stunning fountain and has a whopping 3 minute duration!Lots & lots of colour changes and e..

Twisted Turtles

Super twisting and spinning silver comets rise into the sky and burst into huge multicolour bursts a..

Flaming Eruption

A rapid low noise 270 shot candle featuring red and silver strobing comets. Ideal for any display...

Poisonous Spiders

An impressive single ignition with huge coloured bursts, comets and intense crackling finale!42 Shot..

Attack of the 80ft Snake

Contains lots of effects, bursts, fish, crackles, whistles. A great all round firework which do..

Ticking Time Bomb

Multi-coloured comets, crackling comets, whistles, changing to coloured palms, star bursts and time ..


Great cake with a range of effects such as multi-colour peony bursts, comets to palm bursts, red blo..


WOW – This does it all!! Coloured comets, changing to W firing coloured bursts, changing to cracklin..

Mighty Hero

Blue & gold brocades, multi-colour strobes, crackling tails to crackling spider bursts. coloured dah..

Fish and Chips

A superb low noise item creating a mixture of silver fish in a blue lake and huge silver s..

Bangers and Flash

Intense crackling mine with large blue and golden brocade bursts above ending with a crackling final..

Dizzy Dinosaur

Excellent firework creating brocade bursts with blue, red and green stars.36 shots, 30 seconds..

Cheery Cherries

Hugely popular with everyone, large bursts to intense crackling clusters – with inbuilt 5 shot final..

Flash Bang Wallop

Huge multi-coloured strobes to brocade horse tails to time rain horse tail to multi-coloured palms t..

Devils Fire

Producing large coloured bursts with inbuilt finale – very spectacular!25 shots, 30 seconds..

Battle Of Waterloo

"Z" firing fanned barrage producing multicolour bursts, strobes and a time rain finale. A real sky f..

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