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Firework Cakes

Firework Cakes
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Attack of the 80ft Snake -0%

Attack of the 80ft Snake

Contains lots of effects, bursts, fish, crackles, whistles. A great all round firework which do..

Bangers and Flash -0%

Bangers and Flash

Intense crackling mine with large blue and golden brocade bursts above ending with a crackling final..

Battle Of Waterloo New -0%

Battle Of Waterloo

"Z" firing fanned barrage producing multicolour bursts, strobes and a time rain finale. A real sky f..

Best of British -0%

Best of British

Strobing dahlia bursts to magical blue to red colour change bursts, to  large palm and peony bu..

Blazing Sky New -0%

Blazing Sky

An excellent 2 minute duration firework producing a whole range of effects - multi-colour bursts, bl..

Brilliance New -0%


Multi-coloured strobe to "W" firing fans in golden willow & blue, to "Z" firing willow and broca..

Cheery Cherries -0%

Cheery Cherries

Hugely popular with everyone, large bursts to intense crackling clusters – with inbuilt 5 shot final..

Devils Fire -0%

Devils Fire

Producing large coloured bursts with inbuilt finale – very spectacular!25 shots, 30 seconds..

Dizzy Dinosaur New -0%

Dizzy Dinosaur

Excellent firework creating brocade bursts with blue, red and green stars.36 shots, 30 seconds..

Evolution -0%


Great cake with a range of effects such as multi-colour peony bursts, comets to palm bursts, red blo..

Festival Of Light New -0%

Festival Of Light

Super bright low noise cascading strobes and falling leaves. Must be seen to be believed.50 shots - ..

Fish and Chips -0%

Fish and Chips

A superb low noise item creating a mixture of silver fish in a blue lake and huge silver s..

Flaming Eruption New -0%

Flaming Eruption

A rapid low noise 270 shot candle featuring red and silver strobing comets. Ideal for any display...

Flash Bang Wallop New -0%

Flash Bang Wallop

Huge multi-coloured strobes to brocade horse tails to time rain horse tail to multi-coloured palms t..

Heavyweight New -0%


Blue to red bursts, golden brocades, multi-coloured palms, red and silver blossom strobe, time rain ..

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