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Firework Cakes

Firework Cakes
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Ice Warrior New -0%

Ice Warrior

What a cake ! this does everything. Blue, red and silver palms, strobes with time rain, purple &..

Mighty Hero -0%

Mighty Hero

Blue & gold brocades, multi-colour strobes, crackling tails to crackling spider bursts. coloured..

Monster Mash -0%

Monster Mash

Large coloured bursts with coloured mines and 5 shot finale.25 shot barrage, 30 seconds..

Poisonous Spiders -0%

Poisonous Spiders

An impressive single ignition with huge coloured bursts, comets and intense crackling finale!42 Shot..

Pulverizer -0%


WOW – This does it all!! Coloured comets, changing to W firing coloured bursts, changing to cracklin..

Sky Ambush -0%

Sky Ambush

Superb display from this firework, Z firing effects to give a wide spread and lots of colour and noi..

Space Monkey -0%

Space Monkey

Large golden willow bursts with blue, colours palm bursts changing to time rain and silver strobes. ..

Storm Force -0%

Storm Force

Strobes, crackles and fanned effects.60 shots...

Ticking Time Bomb -0%

Ticking Time Bomb

Multi-coloured comets, crackling comets, whistles, changing to coloured palms, star bursts and time ..

Tropical Storm New -0%

Tropical Storm

This is a stunning fountain and has a whopping 3 minute duration!Lots & lots of colour changes a..

Twisted Turtles -0%

Twisted Turtles

Super twisting and spinning silver comets rise into the sky and burst into huge multicolour bursts a..

Ultimate Showdown -0%

Ultimate Showdown

Large brocade tails to golden willow bursts with multi-coloured tips with inbuilt finale.16 shots - ..

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